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But God sent an angel cover
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But God sent an angel
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Overview of “But God sent an Angel”

God operates on planet earth through his servants, the angels. In this book Graeme Wylie looks at the Scriptures which teach us how God works through his angels, so that we may be fully equipped and prepared for every good work which God has planned for us.

In this season God is bringing a greater awareness of the presence and activity of angels.

For too long much of the Western church has largely ignored the ministry of angels, apart from acknowledging guardian angels. We are now beginning to realise that angels are in fact our fellow servants collaborating with us in our life and ministry. When God assigns us a task he also assigns angels to work with us in the accomplishment of that task. We need to learn how to collaborate with them.

Angels are assigned to us to lead us into the fullness of our destiny here on earth, and they are sent to receive us at death and transport us to heaven. God said to Moses, ‘See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared’. Exodus 23:20. God still provides angelic protection and guidance to lead his people into the fullness of their inheritance. Graeme and Frances Wylie have entered into a new level of experiencing angels in their ministry and share their experiences to encourage others.

*€12 + €5  Packing and postage

Maybe you’re like me and have wondered about angels turning up with Daniel in the den of lions, or Jacob’s vision with the angels ascending and descending a ladder. Or maybe about Abraham’s three friends who visited for tea, or maybe even the two named ones, Michael and Gabriel. Or Peter’s miraculous release from prison or Paul’s encounter in the middle of a pending shipwreck. Or even Jesus himself in the loneliest times of His earthly journey, the wilderness and Gethsemane. If these are your ponderings, then this book is for you.
Preachers will use this book when preaching on angels (I know I will). Small group leaders will use it in small group studies, how do I know this? Because I know Graeme, and I know this book is born out of a lifetime of service but also countless hours, weeks But God sent an Angel and years of study. And of course, obedience to the call of God to write it. So you are in for a treat. I feel privileged to have got reading
it before you! So, personally I’d like to say, ‘thank you, Graeme, for sharing such wisdom and truth’ and to the rest of you, ‘sit back, grab a fresh cuppa and get yourself into this feast of writings.’


Philip Emerson | Lead pastor Emmanuel Church, Lurgan, N. Ireland



But God sent an angel
But God sent an angel
But God sent an angel
*€12 + €5  Packing and postage
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Special Dedication

I would like to dedicate this book to the memory of my late friend, intercessor and true prophet, Noel McKinney.



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