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Harvest France / Moisson France




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France - Occitanie

Occitanie (the region highlighted in red) is the name given to the new region of France established in 2016 when the French government re-organised the French regions. It was the name God gave to us in 2013 during 21 days of prayer, as the place God told us to live, when He moved us to go to France. 3 years later the new region of Occitanie came into being!


This region, which includes the Cevennes, experienced a huge spiritual revival in Huguenot times in the 17th century when it is estimated that up to 2 million people came into the kingdom of God, despite fierce persecution. 


We believe that it is time to re-open the wells of revival and pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to impact the current generation with the Gospel of the kingdom of God.


To pray for spiritual revival and work to bring in the end time harvest.


1. To love and worship God wholeheartedly.
2. To mobilise Christians to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in revival power.
3. To encourage the bold proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel in the power of the Spirit.
4. To support Christian leaders and help to teach, train and equip disciples.
5. To network with Christians of all streams and denominations where possible.
6. To focus on the French region of Occitanie as our primary territory.
7. To be available to do whatever God prompts us to do and go where He tells us to go.

                    Harvest France is an Associate Ministry of Plumbline Ministries Ireland


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